Storm Tracker

Storm Tracker is a complete weather app with extensive forecast features. Now everyone, from weather enthusiasts to professionals, can plan their workweek, travel with ease, inform themselves and family & friends to stay safe.

Unique Interface

By using Storm Tracker you will be sure that you have an app easy to understand and with a modern interface. Suitable for young, middle-aged adults and elderlies.

Storm Tracker Track Weather

Detailed Weather Info

Use Storm Tracker to see precipitation developing in the world, projected right on top of the Maps and updating every 15 minutes! Furthermore, Weather Radar uses advanced forecasting techniques to predict the exact rain and storm behavior for the next 90 minutes. 

Unlimited Locations

With Storm Tracker you can see the current conditions and weather forecast of any location in the US, as well as any location in the world. You can save a preset of locations to easily browse the weather in your favorite locations. Just search for the city, and add it to your list. 

Extreme Weather Warnings

Weather Radar displays all hurricanes and NOAA Weather Warnings right on the Maps. By tapping on a hurricane symbol or a weather warning you are able to see all available details about it. Available in the US for flooding and extreme weather. Hurricanes and tropical storms are available for the whole world. 


Supports iOS 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16.
Compatible with iPhone and iPad devices